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Author Topic: A Unlikely Game  (Read 144 times)

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A Unlikely Game
« on: June 09, 2019, 07:58:47 PM »

Bridge is a really weird game at times. Take this hand that Eszter and I played earlier today. You are North, EW Game and East is the Dealer.

East     South     West     North
2 !S      3 !C         3 !S       4 !H
No        No            X          All Pass

East led a small Diamond against 4 !HX and this is what Eszter could see:

South (Dummy)
 !S Q8
 !H 73
 !D 72
 !C AKJ10965

 !D 4 led

 !S 75
 !H AJ1098
 !D AQJ108
 !C 3

Not a very promising looking game. 3 certain losers in the Majors and it doesn't look as if the Hearts will be splitting nicely. Moreover Declarer has only one sure entry to dummy to take a Heart finesse.

Still things look up when West plays the !D King at trick 1. Eszter tried the !D Queen at trick 2, but East ruffed low and exited with a small Club. Eszter rose with the Ace and dropped West's singleton Queen. What now?

Well things are certainly looking a little more promising now the Minor suit position is known. Eszter continued with the !C King, West ruffed low and Eszter overruffed. Now the !D Jack produced the !H King from East and Eszter discarded a Spade from Dummy. East cashed the !S King and then continued with another Club, ruffed by West and overruffed by Eszter (I think a Spade continuation gives Declarer little or no chance). Eszter had now lost 3 tricks, but was in full command: She ruffed a Spade with Dummy's !H 3 and put West to the sword with the !C 10.

At this point, West could have made it slightly more awkward for Eszter by not ruffing. Eszter would then have to deliberately shorten her trumps by ruffing Dummy's winner, then ruff the !D 8 with Dummy's last trump and then lead the !C 9 to leave West nowhere to go. This was the interesting position after Dummy ruffed Eszter's 2nd Spade.

South (Dummy)
 !H 7
 !D -
 !C 10965

 !S -
 !H AJ10
 !D 108
 !C -

West is known to have !H Q6, !D 96 and a Spade (probably the Ace or East would have opened 2 !S with an 11-count). Eszter has to get the timing right if West doesn't ruff the !C 10. If West discards a Diamond and Eszter doesn't shorten her trumps immediately she will be unable to return to Dummy for the final trump coup. As it happened West obligingly ruffed, allowing Eszter to overruff for the 3rd time, return to Dummy by ruffing her !D 8, and then applying the coup de grace by leading the !C 9. If West ruffs with her Queen, Eszter overruffs and her hand is now good. If West discards her !S Ace, Eszter simply discards the !D 10 and can claim the final trick.

Well done Eszter! (...even if I disagree with the 4 !H bid LOL)
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