Author Topic: Double dummy play problem.  (Read 2658 times)

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Double dummy play problem.
« on: June 28, 2020, 08:40:39 PM »|brian_m,kasey,IBracem,brucek|st||md|3S24QAH36AD5C689JK%2CS356H4789JDJC457T%2CS89JHTD36TQKAC3QA%2C|rh||ah|Board 25|sv|e|mb|1C|mb|p|mb|2C!|an|!c positive%2C GF|mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|mb|3C!|an|5 controls|mb|p|mb|6C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|HK|pc|HA|pc|H4|pc|HT|pc|CK|pc|C4|pc|C3|pc|C2|pc|C6|pc|C5|pc|CQ|pc|H2|pc|CA|pc|H5|pc|C8|pc|C7|pc|DA|pc|D2|pc|D5|pc|DJ|pc|DK|pc|D4|pc|H3|pc|CT|pc|H7|pc|S8|pc|HQ|pc|H6|pc|S7|pc|SQ|pc|S3|pc|S9|pc|SA|pc|S5|pc|SJ|pc|ST|pc|CJ|pc|H8|pc|D3|pc|D7|pc|S4|pc|S6|pc|D6|pc|SK|pc|D9|pc|C9|pc|H9|pc|DT|pc|S2|pc|HJ|pc|DQ|pc|D8|

I'm not really endorsing Mark's precipitous jump to 6 !C, in fact I thought we might have missed 7 !C when I saw the two hands, but once I saw all four hands I'm having great difficulty in finding a line which makes 12 tricks on the K !H lead. If East did not have the 10 !S then I could possibly do it by leading away from AQ !S and getting another entry to dummy by finessing  !S 9, but unfortunately East's  !S are K10x not Kxx, which puts paid to that idea.

If you let West ruff a  !D then she will continue  !H.

Can anybody see a line which makes the slam?

Please note that the responses I give are based on my current understanding of the system, and I've checked the website if in any doubt. I've never attended Oliver's classes until this year, so if Oliver has said anything different in his lessons in earlier years, I don't know about it!