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This site is a 3rd generation re-write of a site I originally constructed in about 2003 to support the teaching sessions I conduct on Bridgebase Online. The current re-write (which is ongoing as of December 2016) is intended to make the site more phone and tablet-friendly by updating the site to use a new CSS file (w3.css). It will also make the site more compliant with HTML5 and, more critically, with php 5.5. The site is written entirely in php and is completely database-driven. The site was coded using Dreamweaver CS6 and is hosted on a GoDaddy server.

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The Site should look okay in any browser, but we recommend Google Chrome for its speed, all-round reliability, and adherence to industry standards.

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Queries? Problems? Errors?

If you have a query about the site (or OCP), or experience any problems or errors whilst using it, please contact:

Oliver Clarke

If the error is critical, you may also contact me by phone:

Landline: +44-1560 323463
Mobile: +44-7985 144636



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