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I conduct teaching sessions on OCP on Bridgebase Online in the Intermediate/Advanced Club (IAC, a private club on BBO). These take place on Saturday evenings, at the times shown below. I work shifts and although sessions are usually at 9pm UK time, there are 2 weeks in every 5 when it has to be earlier or later. Breaks in the schedule occur from time to time and they are normally notified in advance in the IAC Website, by Emails to IAC Members, and will be notified on this page. If you want to take part in these sessions but are not currently a member of IAC, then you can apply to join via their website (which I also run).

The OCP Videos prepared by Roger each week have now moved to YouTube. Alternatively the Videos are available via Roger's aaBridge utility

The current teaching program is set out below:

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Upcoming Teaching Sessions

What have you missed?

You can view the YouTube Videos of any sessions that you may have missed from here.

Please note:
You can also access the movies of past lessons using Roger Pfister's excellent aaBridge program

If you've been away recently, here's what you've missed:-

Date Topic YouTube
Sat 01-Jul-2023 Defending Against Precision
(General Tactics, CRO-Panama)
Sat 24-Jun-2023 Major Openings Revisited
(Majors Openings, 2C, 1D and 1NT Openings revisited in the light of Asking Bids)
Sat 17-Jun-2023
Sat 10-Jun-2023
Sat 03-Jun-2023 Two Diamonds Revisited
(Two Diamond Opening - Asking Bid Sequences)
Sat 27-May-2023 What is Pre-emptive Interference?
(Detailing the new definition of Pre-emptive Interference during Asking Bid sequences.)
Sat 20-May-2023 Asking Bids - Interference (3)
(Interference over a Positive Response)
Sat 13-May-2023 Asking Bids - Interference (2)
(Interference after the Response to an Asking Bid)
Sat 06-May-2023 Asking Bids - Interference (1)
(Interference after an Asking Bid)
Sat 29-Apr-2023 Asking Bids - Zeta and Eta
(A trump-specifying Control Asking Bid)
Sat 22-Apr-2023 Asking Bids - Sigma
(New Asking Bid used over a Positive Alpha Response)
Sat 15-Apr-2023 Asking Bids - Theta & Iota
(The Secondary Trump Asking Bids)
Sat 08-Apr-2023 Asking Bids - Delta
(The very strong Trump Asking Bid)
Sat 01-Apr-2023 Asking Bids - Epsilon
(The Suit-specific Control Asking Bid)
Sat 25-Mar-2023 Asking Bids - Gamma
(Asking Bids - Gamma)
Sat 18-Mar-2023
Sat 11-Mar-2023 Asking Bids - Alpha
(The Primary Trump Asking Bid)
Sat 04-Mar-2023 Asking Bids - Beta
(General Control Asking Bid)
Sat 25-Feb-2023 Asking Bids (Intro)
(Strategy, Order, Which is which, Captaincy)
Sat 18-Feb-2023 Other Strong Openings
(2 Diamond Opening and Responses)
Sat 11-Feb-2023 One Club Openings and Responses (2)
(4441 Positives, Developments and Options)
Sat 04-Feb-2023 One Club Openings & Responses (1)
(Negative, Positive Responses, and Natural Sequences)
Sat 28-Jan-2023 3 Clubs Opening
(3 Clubs Opening, 3D Enquiry, Eta Asks)
Sat 21-Jan-2023 Weak Openings
(2 Heart, 2 Spade and 2NT Openings)
Sat 14-Jan-2023 Lebensohl Part 4
(Extensions to Lebensohl)
Sat 07-Jan-2023
Sat 17-Dec-2022 Lebensohl Part 3
(Lebensohl against Artificial Interference)
Sat 10-Dec-2022 Lebensohl Part 2
(Transfer Lebensohl)
Sat 03-Dec-2022 Lebensohl Part 1
(Standard Lebensohl, Staymanic Sequences etc)
Sat 26-Nov-2022 1NT Opening and Responses (2)
(2-way 2 Diamond)
Sat 19-Nov-2022 1NT Opening and Responses (1)
(1NT Opening, Stayman, Transfers)
Sat 12-Nov-2022 One Diamond Opening
(The Catch-all Opening and Responses)
Sat 05-Nov-2022 Two Clubs Opening
(2D Forcing Relay)
Sat 29-Oct-2022 MOTOR Responses
(Transfer Responses over 1M-(X))
Sat 22-Oct-2022 Major Suit Openings (3)
(Romex Trial Bids)
Sat 15-Oct-2022 Major Suit Openings (2)
(Splinters, Mini-Splinters, Fit-showing Jump-Shifts)
Sat 08-Oct-2022 Major Suit Openings (1)
(One Heart and One Spade Openings, The Forcing No Trump)
Sat 01-Oct-2022 Introduction to Precision
(General Introduction to the Precision Club System. Opening Bids)

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