Mentoring Scheme

The purpose of this site is primarily to support the OCP teaching sessions I conduct on Bridgebase Online. OCP is a complex system to learn. Practising partnership bidding and regular play using the system is an essential part of that. The number of students needing support is such that I cannot possibly satisfy that demand alone. Accordingly we've developed a Mentoring Scheme whereby all of the people who are at different stages of learning this system can help each other, mainly the more experienced and advanced assisting those who are just starting out on the road to OCP Nirvana.

Those listed below are the people who are part of the OCP "Group" at the moment. If your name is not listed and you want to be part of the group then click on the button below. The Mentoring Scheme is currently split into a number of groups where (as best as is possible) I've grouped Students who share approximately the same time zones along with at least 2 Mentors who are in a compatible time-zone. If we've got your Country wrong, you can change it.

The idea of the Mentoring Scheme is that each Mentoring Group tries to get together at least once a week outside of Teaching Session and scheduled Practice sessions (depending on everyone's availability), to discuss the system practice bidding, iron out any uncertainties regarding recent teaching sessions. It's very much down to the Mentors and Students in each group to communicate with each other and arrange things to meet the needs of the students, so far as the Mentors can arrange it. If you want to join the OCP Group or if you (Mentor or Student) want to leave the Mentoring Scheme or change to a different group, you can do so using the buttons below.
Group Nickname Country Status OCP Team
No Group bfortune
Group 1 OliverC Scotland Mentor
MartyD24 Germany Mentor
Curls77 Portugal Student
RogerPfi England Student
Mrsd12345 Scotland Student
Group 2 Eszter5 Hungary Mentor
Epee9 USA Mentor
nfmfl USA Student
fernbou Canada Student
Chas_P USA Student
dianas Brazil Student
kritter2 USA Student
b_dave2 USA Student
Group 3 polly24ben Student
Group 4 podlecii Bulgaria Mentor
brian_m USA Mentor
isabable Australia Student
gypsy1308 New Zealand Student
Major_Blue New Zealand Student
kiwi2o1 New Zealand Student
Group 5 HiPard
lute57 USA Mentor
lakewes USA Mentor
fm75 USA Student
boleo1 Canada Student
lysblanc Canada Student
Redbird44 Canada Student
eliana Canada Student
Group 6 doru77 Turkey Mentor
ServetD Turkey Mentor
maysie Australia Student
Rantul Turkey Student
soko52 Turkey Student
17TEZCAN Turkey Student

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