'Standard' Precision

The Precision Club system described on this site is not a "standard" version of Precision. Indeed it is not even a standard version of Super-Precision. Precision Club itself does not use Asking Bids and does have some features that are not often used in normal practice today (eg: 2-way Stayman). I make no apologies for the fact that the system I teach is not "classic" Precision: Over the years I have arrived at a system that really works for me but even now the system is constantly evolving as new methods come along. In case you are looking for a description of "Standard Precision" what appears below is a fairly simple description of basic Precision.
Opening Bids Summary

One No Trump

  • Shows: 13-15 hcp throughout, balanced, or semi-balanced with a 5-card Minor. Precision does not normally open 1NT with a 5-card Major unless the Major is very weak (eg: 9xxxx).
  • Standard Precision prescribes 2-way Stayman and no transfers, so
    • 1NT-2C is non-forcing Stayman, and
    • 1NT-2D is forcing Stayman.
    (Most Precision pairs use normal Stayman and Transfers instead of 2-way Stayman.

One Diamond

  • Shows: 11-15 with a hand unsuitable for an opening of 1, 1♠, 1NT, 2♣ or 2.
  • Continuations are mostly natural.
  • 1 does not promise a Diamond suit.
  • 1 and 1♠ responses promise a 4-card or longer suit.
  • 1NT response normally shows 8-10 balanced and denies a 4-card Major
  • 2♣ and 2 are 1-round forces showing those suits, denying a 4-card Major unless Responder is strong enough for a game-forcing reverse.

Two Diamonds

  • Shows: 11-15 with exactly 4414 shape (singleton Diamond).
  • Almost all continuations are natural and non-forcing except:
  • 2NT Response a forcing enquiry on Opener to show their range/controls:
    1. 3♣ shows Lower Range, 0-3 Controls
    2. 3 shows Lower Range 4+ Controls
    3. 3 shows Upper Range, 0-3 Controls
    4. 3♠ shows Upper Range, 4+ Controls

Major Suit Openings

  • 1 & 1♠ both show 11-15 hcp with at least a 5-card suit. If 1 is opened the Hearts will always be longer than Spades.
  • 2/1 responses forcing to 2NT.
  • Direct suit raises are pre-emptive
  • The 1NT response is an artificial 1-round force showing either:
    1. Balanced limit raise in Opener's Major to the 2-level or higher
    2. Balanced raise to at least 2NT with no good support for Opener's Major.
    3. A weak hand with a 6-card or longer suit of its own and no tolerance for Opener's Major.
    Opener now does one of the following:
    • shows a 2nd suit
    • rebids a 6-card suit
    • bids their cheapest 3-card Minor with any 5332 shape.
  • Short-suit trial bids.

Two Clubs

  • Shows: 11-15 with a 6-card Club suit or 5-card Club with a 4-card Major.
  • 2 is a 12+ hcp forcing enquiry
    • 2/2♠ show a 4-card suit
    • 2NT shows a 6-card Club suit with 2 outside suits stopped
    • 3♣ shows a 6-card Club suit with only 1 outside suit stopped
    • Over 2NT and 3♣ rebids, Responder can make a further enquiry with 3 to clarify which suits Opener can stop.
  • 2 & 2♠ Responses are limited, normally showing a 5+-card suit with no tolerance for Clubs
  • 2NT response shows about 11-12 points balanced with no 4-card Major
  • Direct raises in Clubs are limit (3♣) or pre-emptive (4♣)

One Club

  • 1♣ shows almost any 16+ hcp hand, unconditionally forcing for one round. The only exception is 22-23 balanced. Responses:
    • 1 shows 0-7 points, any shape or 8+ with any 4441
    • 1, 1♠, 2♣ & 2 all show 8+ points with 5-card or longer suits, game-forcing
    • 2 & 2♠ are semi-positive, promising 5-7 with a 6-card suit
    • 2NT is semi-positive, promising 7-8 points balanced with 3334 shape and no 4-card Major.
  • Continuations are mostly natural
  • 4441 Positives: Responder bids the 1 Negative, initially, and then takes inconsistent action on the 2nd round of bidding. This is the so-called Impossible Negative


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