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These are just some useful links to external Bridge site. I hope you find them useful.
External Links
Precision Club (FreeDictionary) FreeDicionary Article on Precision
Precision Club (Wikipedia) Wikipedia Article on Precision
The Italian Blue Team Wikipedia Article on the Blue Team
ACBL American Contract Bridge League
Bridge Conventions Explanations of most common conventions
EBU English Bridge Union
Graeme Williams' Convention Index Another site devoted to explaining Bridge Conventions
More Bridge Conventions Another compendium of Bridge Conventions
WBF World Bridge Federation
Bridge Humour
Burns' Law of Total Trumps David Burn's Famous Law of Total Trumps
Conventions you Don't Need to Know The title says it all...
David Stephenson Lots of good stuff here
Hand of the Year A Hog's eye view (by Victor Mollo)
BBO Web Client Guide Guide to the BBO Web Client
Beginner Intermediate Lounge (BIL) BIL Website
Bridgebase Bridgebase Website
Bridgebase Forums Bridgebase Forums
Chat Assistant Download Page BBO Chat Utility
FD Card Analyser DownAgains FD Card Analysis tools (demo/demo)
My Hands on BBO Check hands played on BBO
Precision Session Chatlogs Mortiniis collection of chatlogs from Precision sessions in BIL
Benito Garozzo WBF Article on Benito Garozzo
CC Wei Wikipedia Article on CC Wei
Eric Rodwell WBF Article on Eric Rodwell
Jason Hackett Jason Hackett (EBU Article)
Jeff Meckstroth WBF Article on Jeff Meckstroth

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