OCP Practices

We organise regular OCP Practice Sessions on BBO. These normally consist of general practices at a Teaching Table with pre-dealt hands targetting the subject of the previous Saturday's lesson. If we get as many as 8 people turning up we might even arrange to play a Teams Match. Oliver turns up if possible to supervise and/or make up the numbers, but this is more of an opportunity to practice what you've learned rather than an additional teaching session.

There is currently only one scheduled practice each week: Watching other people use OCP is the 2nd-best way to get to grips with the system (Sitting down and playing it is, of course, the best way LOL). We rotate partnerships actually playing so everyone who wants gets a shot. Please just turn up but if you like you can show your intention to come along below and that might encourage others to attend as well.

Scheduled OCP Practices

Upcoming Practice Sessions are as follows:-

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